As a Mistress She will push you to your limits, make you grovel, make you crave Her presence. She is experienced and accomplished with over ten years of experience in the S&M lifestyle. She will  mold you into the perfect submissive who desires nothing more than to be at his Mistresses feet.

She has inflicted delicious pleasure and pain in Washington D.C, Houston, the greater Dallas/Ft Worth area, and finally, her hometown and current residence, Austin, TX. This is where Her well appointed, discreet dungeon, The Domus, is located. Austin is the perfect town for Ma’am Ballbuster, just wild enough but still a bit of class and spiritual exploration, a city that is a true reflection for Her.

Come and sit at My feet, adore Me and pray. Pray that I give you everything you desire and fear, everything you have denied yourself....

If you are fortunate enough She may be kind enough to offer an overnight in Her latex closet as Her personal guard. you can sleep knowing you are locked up tightly watching over Her most prized, precious possessions.

Some slaves have a gift for serving, some for giving, and some for pure pain.  All of these are beautiful expressions that She enjoys as much as She enjoys Her wide array of fetishes and desires.

Her lovely Dungeon is the place where She feels most at home,  come and spend an afternoon serving Her coffee or tea. Offer to clean Her latex, leather, PVC, boots, and shoes as a sign of your devotion, afterward She may strap you to Her dungeon furniture and provide you with enough delicious sensations to make you cry in happiness.

Last modified on December 21, 2010

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